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Independent Medical Education


Welcome to Takeda Support!

This Takeda Support site is intended for the submission of funding requests for Independent Medical Education, which is defined as education that is evidence based, fair-balanced, planned and implemented, free of bias and not influenced by Takeda or it’s Alliance partners and aligned with Takeda’s therapeutic areas of focus. We support:

  • Accredited Medical Education
  • Non-Accredited Medical Education
  • Fellowship

If you are interested in submitting requests for other types of funding, please access the Takeda Support Navigator below to determine the appropriate Takeda website or point of contact.

As the use and definitions of terminology vary across companies, please be sure to read request type definitions carefully before submitting. This information can be found in the tab above and on the request type submission page after login.

Please note our standard processing time for new submissions is a minimum of 60 calendar days

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please click here to refer the open Independent Medical Education Call for Grant Applications (CGA)